Select Trading Solutions Inc.

STS is a business consulting firm established in 2005 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Our mission is to help businesses in energy (such as renewable and conventional power, and oil & gas), Minerals and Metals, and develops CREMT electric motors and generators to customer specifications.

We utilize the most advanced technologies and solutions that we have gathered from around the globe to address problems in your enterprise and improve its performance. Our “out of box” approach delivers highest performance while it minimizes risks and costs. Our trailblazing technological solutions include but not limited to nuclear waste management, advanced construction material (advanced concrete technology and corrosion-resistant metals), and leading PLC (Power Line Communications) technology.


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Our Solutions

Salute! The messenger for drivers

Select Trading Solutions Inc. is a partner of Salute Solutions Oy, the developer of messenger Salute! "Salute!" is the messenger for drivers, works like a walkie-talkie: chat with everyone who is nearby (~10-15 km), with friends only, or send message to users by vehicle license plate number. Salute! provides functions: safety and first aid; mobile payments; roadside assistants and "walkie-talkie" on a smartphone

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Multifunctional Marine Complex (MMC) in Malta

Malta’s attractiveness as tourist destination is secured by its clean sea, great history, well-developed public transport and hotels, and for the upmarket segment by a number of yacht marinas providing a wide range of services including winter berths for the boats of various classes.

The project of Multifunctional Marine Complex (MMC) in Malta includes construction of 3 000 m of protective structures built according to Protection & Energy technology with wave energy damper Wave Hunter as key element, as well as development of recreational infrastructure in a newly created protected bay, with floor area of 2.5 M sq.m.


Our Partners

ATOMECO Corporation
(a division of STS)
Specialists in sciences & offshore technologies

Attard &  Co. Ltd.
The main shipping routes in the Mediterranean

Maya HTT
Software developer and engineering services provider

Royal Clark Enterprises
International innovative enterprise