Select Trading Solutions Inc.

Welcome to Select Trading Solutions Inc.! STS is a business consulting firm established in 2005 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Our mission is to help businesses in energy (such as renewable and conventional power, and oil & gas), Minerals and Metals, and Construction sectors to realize their environmental, commercial and investment goals by offering leading-edge technical solutions and innovative and advanced solutions.

We utilize the most advanced technologies and solutions that we have gathered from around the globe to address problems in your enterprise and improve its performance. Our “out of box” approach delivers highest performance while it minimizes risks and costs. Our trailblazing technological solutions include but not limited to nuclear waste management, advanced construction material (advanced concrete technology and corrosion-resistant metals), and leading PLC (Power Line Communications) technology. To learn more about some of our technological solutions, please see Our Solutions page.

We also can help you commercialize your new technologies through market analysis, technology evaluation, engineering and design for technology scale up, and providing or facilitating venture and/or private investment.

Through conducting techno-economic studies, risk evaluation, and financial analysis, we can provide you with the market intelligence, technical services, and financial instruments you need to bring your ideas to reality and help you commercialize you new technology.

For every opportunity, we utilize our proven approach: understanding the underlying physics and examine various possible solutions based on their mass and energy balance calculations, type and quantify of various emissions, estimated capital and operating costs, and results of detailed cash flow analysis and financial. This holistic approach ensures adoption or development of the best solution to address the challenge in hand.

Please explore our website to learn about different services we can provide and do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We can provide you with a list of a wide variety of services we offer and a long list of our past and current clients and projects. Our international team of experts in different disciplines are ready to make your dreams a reality.

Our Services

  • Advanced Innovative Solutions
  • Investments of Projects
  • Consulting

Areas of research

  • Radiotechnology
  • Utilization of wastes
  • Marine technology
  • Industrial automation
  • Ore beneficiation

STS Partners

ATOMECO Corporation
(a division of STS)
Specialists in sciences & offshore technologies

Attard &  Co. Ltd.
The main shipping routes in the Mediterranean

A producer of special purpose magnetic systems

FSUE “Krylov State Research Center”
A multi-disciplinary research centre

Hydro Energy Special Construction Group of companies


A designer of seaports, terminals and transport systems


Our Solutions & Innovations

Protection & Energy in Malta

Malta’s attractiveness as tourist destination is secured by its clean sea, great history, well-developed public transport and hotels, and for the upmarket segment by a number of yacht marinas providing a wide range of services including winter berths for the boats of various classes

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Protection & Energy Technology

Select Trading Solutions Inc. is a co-investor for the development of Protection & Energy technology - a technology of active shoreline protection against wave impact that also allows derision of power from ocean waves developed by Russian company «RPA Hydroenergospecstroy».

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a division of Select Trading Solutions Inc.

ATOMECO Corporation is a balanced international team of scientists, engineers and designers – specialists in fields of halurgy, physical chemistry, mining, building sciences and offshore technologies as well as mathematical physics.

Our solutions are always economically competitive and fit for purpose from technical point of view. Safety, efficiency and fitness of resources used are above all.


  • Developing methods of radioactive waste management, including challenges with immobilization of lots of RAW, tritium LRW and radioactive ash package;
  • Development of marine technologies such as dockyard ecology, waterbed and navigable channels protection from drifts and washouts, wave and sea ice conditions management;
  • Development of new structural materials based on saline compounds for composite and essential offshore structures as well as under conditions of service in aggressive media.

We are professionals in engineering: generation, full-scale concept development and scientific experimentation through comprehensive economic feasibility study, technical and marketing evaluation.

ATOMECO Corporation Partners

Gespecstroy – Hydro Energy Special Construction Group of companies
Development of a special compound for especially responsible hydraulic engineering constructions

SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg»
Systems of water treatment and water disposal

ZAO Atomenergo
Safety of atomic thermal power plants of low power

RosRAO (Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Radioactive Waste Management Enterprise»

Development of materials and technologies for an immobilization of liquid radioactive waste, including, polluted by tritium