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Coaxial Rotation Electric Motors Technology

is a new coaxial-type electric motor technology with counter-rotating rotors.

The international team of engineers and developers of the Canadian company Select Trading Solutions Inc brings to your attention its own development of electric motors CREMT.

Advantages of our Technology

CREMT is a brushless synchronous and asynchronous type electric motor in one housing with rotors rotating in opposite sides or directions. Our electric motor differs favorably from our competitors, which use two combined motors (which is economically less profitable and technically more difficult) or motors with brushes (with motor speed dropping to 50%).

The variety of CREMT motors and generator models allows their use in various industries, aviation, mechanical engineering, transport, home and professional electrical equipment, generators, ventilation and cooling systems, pumps, turbines, etc.

CREMT electric motors have one common stator and two rotors, which are mechanically independent of each other, and are connected by magnetic fields. We have developed (and patented) our own synchronous and asynchronous motors for household appliances, industry, transport, and aviation, etc.

Usage Potential

In existing aviation, the rotation of the propeller blades has a deployable effect on the aircraft, so coaxial propeller assembly is currently used. Two motors or drive units are used for this purpose, which in turn reduces the efficiency.


  • The reactive torque of the propellers.
  • Tightening the jet of airscrews.
  • Gyroscopic torque of motor and airscrews.

Our CREMT technology can be used in fans, heating and cooling systems, hoovers, hairdryers, mixers, washing machines, chemical equipment, etc.


Scheme of air flows through the flatness of coaxial propellers

Energy Saving

Experiments with our existing prototypes and electric motors and 3D simulations have shown the advantages of our developments over classical electric motors.

Classic electric motors with radial fans are considerably inferior to our CREMT motors with CR radial fans. CREMT technology makes it possible to pump more than 50% of gas volumes with the same energy consumption per rotor rotation.

Testing of motors and generators СREMT

We are currently developing new motors using micro and nanotechnology to reduce motor weight and increase power and efficiency.

Our company also develops customized CREMT motors and generators.

Stator nano

The stators of our motors create a diagonal magnetic field that enhances the interaction between the stator and the rotors. The new models use microsolenoids – coils are miniature segments with a single coil conductor to achieve maximum power at the same energy cost.

3D model of the motor with nanomaterials, electronic and laser control of rotation and power

3D model of a motor with nanomaterials and micro coils with one turn

3D model of a motor demonstrating the principle of operation of a coaxial motor, the relationship of rotors with permanent magnets during counter-rotation

3D model of a motor showing step by step displacement of permanent magnet rotors relative to the stator and each other

3D model of a motor showing step by step displacement of permanent magnet rotors relative to the stator and each other



All our technologies have international patents.