Select Trading Solutions Inc. is a
co-investor for the development of Protection & Energy Technology

This is a technology of active shoreline protection against wave impact that also allows derision of power from ocean waves.

Protection & Energy includes:

  • Construction of protective hydraulic structures
  • Conversion of energy from renewable sources.

Wave potential and wave climate studies at the site, design and construction methods, computer simulations, tank testing and in-situ testing, construction material – all this is part of the P&E Technology as well.

Wave Hunter is a wave energy damper, the key element of the technology installed on the supporting protective structures.

Wave Hunter:

  • Provides energy reduction of 4-6 times
  • Partly takes the weight off of supporting protective structures
  • Converts up to 40 % of wave energy into power.

Supporting protective structures:

  • Quickly-mountable pile structures
  • Depth up to 30-35 m
  • Absolutely free water flowage
  • Construction rate up to 350 m a month.

Supporting honeycomb booms:

  • Depth up to 10-14 m
  • High-class protection
  • Flow-through

Materials used

  • Polymer reinforcing grid
  • High-strength hydroconcrete is resistant against harsh marine environment.

The technology can be used for various projects. But the main idea is to create protected artificial bays for touristic and recreational activities, residential development on the protected coast with means of providing it with power.

Also, there are more complex and financially attractive opportunities for investors:

  • Complex of combined energy conversion

Supporting honeycomb booms can not only be used as supporting structure for Wave Hunter and storm-surge barriers, but as a ground for installation of solar panels and wind-turbines. This approach allows additional power production to satisfy peak demand in touristic areas.

  • Multifunctional Marine Complex (MMC)

When there is a protected artificial bay, the question arises how to use the area inside the breakwater efficiently. MMC comprises protective and power production structures as well as various infrastructure for tourism and recreation.

Depending of the size of the bay it can be used for construction of marinas, cruise-ship terminals, quays for artificial islands, hotels and apartments on the water, pools.

The scope of the infrastructure is defined by economic and social needs of certain region.

Also, some facilities can be developed on the shore, such as beaches, sea fronts, water parks.

Gas-turbine power plant as part of the MMC improves reliability and optimizes power supply of the infrastructure built, turns MMC into an independently supplied area.

During the “low season” the surplus of power generated can be sold to the grid.

Protection & Energy in Malta

Malta’s attractiveness as tourist destination is secured by its clean sea, great history, well-developed public transport and hotels, and for the upmarket segment by a number of yacht marinas providing a wide range of services including winter berths for the boats of various classes