Select Trading Solutions Inc. is a
partner of Salute Solutions Oy, the developer of messenger Salute!

“Salute!” is the messenger for drivers, works like a walkie-talkie: chat with everyone who is nearby (~10-15 km), with friends only, or send message to users by vehicle license plate number. A new way to stay in touch – without exchanging contact information. First, for drivers – on a trip, we are at every moment in new surroundings.


Messages to everyone nearby are available only in the «On the road» mod. You can turn on this mode manually or automatically.

Push-to-Talk activates by voice: a short 8-second voice message will be sent to everyone who is nearby after the voice command “Salute!”


In the “On the road” mode, you can send special messages about a technical problem to everyone who is nearby. Help will arrive soon.

The application contains information about infrastructure facilities: cafés, shops, interesting places, gas stations, charging stations for EV


Use the 8-seconds and voice messages to share important information, starting by the voice command “Salute!”


Add friends to chat to communicate at any distance.


Be sure to set in Salute! settings the car license plate number to make it easier to contact you.



You can pay for goods and services in Salute! app at partners’ points: gas / EV stations, car washing, parking lots, and other daily payments for drivers.

Payment via a mobile app is a safe, hygienic, and fastest way to pay in public places.

We support technologies for recognizing license plates, BLE-beacons, and GPS to initiate selling scripts. The messenger works in dialogue mode and can implement scripts of any complexity