Multifunctional Marine Complex (MMC) in Malta

One of the main sources of income for the country is tourism. Malta’s attractiveness as tourist destination is secured by its clean sea, great history, well-developed public transport and hotels, and for the upmarket segment by a number of yacht marinas providing a wide range of services including winter berths for the boats of various classes.

Although, there are certain factors that hinder development of the tourist segment of Maltese economy. Here we see lack of sand beaches (Malta’s shores are mostly rocks and stones). Then, Malta’s marinas fall short of berths even for the locals: island’s popularity among yachtsmen is growing steadily but the growth of the number of marinas is limited by natural factors, lack of protected bays.

The project of Multifunctional Marine Complex (MMC) in Malta includes construction of 3 000 m of protective structures built according to Protection & Energy technology with wave energy damper Wave Hunter as key element, as well as development of recreational infrastructure in a newly created protected bay, with floor area of 2.5 M sq.m.


Protective and power generating structures:

  • 3 000 m of protective structures: piles and supporting honeycomb booms
  • 250 of wave energy dampers Wave Hunter
  • Installed capacity of power station Wave Hunter = 18 MW
  • Plus: solar power station, solar panels installed on honeycomb booms
  • Total installed capacity Wave Hunter + SPP = up to 26 MW.


The artificial bay created will be used first of all for construction of touristic facilities, such as:

  • Marina (up to 600 berths)
  • Yacht club
  • Terminal for cruise liners
  • Moorings for aquavillas
  • Residential and hotel complexes
  • Diving centre.

All of these facilities to be built on water. On the land strip adjacent it is planned to create an artificial beach and eco-friendly, “smart” Malta mall.

To develop the project an international consortium led by STS Select Trading Solutions Inc. has been formed. Its members include the developer of Protection & Energy technology, lead engineering companies with expertise in design and construction of hydraulic structures of various degrees of complexity, R&D centre, companies that develop innovative machinery, equipment and control systems for such facilities.